9 September 2019

The Burden of Sciatica

Feel like your getting old before your time? Welcome to the fold.


Having sciatica is absolutely no fun. It’s not a valid excuse for a man my age. I’m not even 40, and my body has decided to give up the ghost in certain ways.

The first bout of age degradation came about in my knees. Don’t ask how or when, because I simply don’t know. All of a sudden one day, my knees became extremely sensitive to the slightest knock, and running for fun became an impossible pastime.

Then sciatica reared its ugly head and said…

“How about a crippling pain in your lower back? Would you like to accompany that with terrible burning sensation all the way down your legs and into your feet?”

Imagine going for a walk, then stopping every 30 yards to lie on the hard pavement for about 3 minutes, then get up and be on your away again. That’s what it’s like!

I don’t suffer from this everyday, but it doesn’t take much to set it off. Being careful is hard work.

Combine sciatica with childcare and what do you get?

The devil takes many forms.

It’s a test. Everything in life is a test, to see how well you cope under immense stress and pain, mentally and physiologically.

It’s just a pity there is no known cure…