Who Am I?

A seasoned professional with a no-nonsense laid back mantra. I’m not a hipster, but I do like coffee, wear a beard and prefer to work barefooted.

I am also a dedicated father, devoted husband, and keeper of a sable coated border collie named Ozzie, who is always bothering me.


Core Skills

So, over the years I’ve found the time to explore a whole bunch of various languages over various platforms. Observe below an honest rating for just some of the household techie terms you may recognise.

Thundercat Power Ranger Teletubby
Responsive Web Design
Craft CMS
Expression Engine

Whats my story?

Before working in London, I studied Computing in a well established and highly regarded city of innovation, history and culture. A kingdom once known as The Jewel of the North and famed for its highly developed skills in pronunciation. Those who are lucky enough to have endeavoured it call it Hull.

From Hull to Manchester, I traveled east to west earning experience in web development, and acquiring skills in server-side and front-end toolsets for the design and implementation of web sites, content management systems and applications.

Equipped with the winning combination of experience and enthusiasm, I now enjoy London life working as a full time freelance web developer.

My Approach

A stage by stage project development life cycle. Just to give you an idea of how I like to work, I have stripped it down to basics…

1. Tea/Coffee

Plain and simple. Lets meet up for a quick chat to exchange ideas, highlight your targets and get the ball rolling.

2. Information Gathering

Collating all relevant data for your project; key dates, targets and deliverables.

3. Planning and Research

Staging estimates and timelines, researching competition and strategies, design trending and latest technologies to make the most out of your website.

4. Design

The gritty bit. Producing contemporary ideas that work within the capacity of your industry, key targets and deliverables.

5. Development

The fun bit. Converting your designs into working HTML templates, integrating and building into CMS applications.

6. UX Testing

Staged process of debugging, applying any small last minute changes and ensuring your product is ready for the world to adore.


Taking the plunge. Get going with your website. Let this baby set sail into a glorious sunset.

8. Beer

Needs no explanation.